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Lake Auman Dam Repair

Lake Auman Dam Repair

Location: Seven Lakes, NC

Lake Auman project was to reconstruct the emergency spillway on an existing Dam. The existing spillway was sand material and was to be replaced with Articulated Concrete Block. A porta dam was needed to hold back existing water to grade for the turn down for the ACB matting and install concrete anchoring. After matting was placed with a crane and concrete poured on anchoring channel, riprap was placed along the future water level elevation. Upon completion, the dewatering pumps were shut down and water equalized behind porta dam and then porta dam was removed from lake. At this time, the crest ACB and down slope ACB was placed. TRM matting was placed on down slope side and upon completion of the TRM mat, three rows of A-Jacks were placed. The A-Jacks act as a dissipator if water ever crests the emergency spillway.


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